What is a Landing Page?
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What kinds of landing pages are there?

Varieties of landing pages depend directly on the purpose of their creation. There are two main types:

 Selling. You can find them on the one-page website (the main task of which is for the user to subscribe to the specified email address or buy some product); on a site that sells any services; on the site of online store.

 Informational. This category includes portals, blogs, sites whose task is not to "sell", but simply to convey any information.

Basically, the landing page is created to fulfill a commercial purpose:

• make a call;

• filing an application;

• registration;

• sales of goods.


Why is necessary to improve the landing page?

We have prepared an excellent example for you, read it please:

Take a website that offers certain services for the United States region. The cost of getting the target audience through promotion, that is, "CEO" and contextual advertising is very high. That is why every visitor who enters the site through advertising links is very important.

Suppose the site has a fairly good conversion, namely, 5% and out of 100 interested - 5 persons purchased a product or service. The cost of one hundred visitors is $ 100, and the profit of five sales is $ 500.

Improving the Landing Page even by a few percent, we can talk about a significant increase in profits. We hope that we have answered this question.


What is important for the landing page?

When you create a landing page, it is important to show the uniqueness and usefulness of the proposed product or service, thereby drawing the attention of the buyer to its direct benefit. It will be great if the visitor can read real reviews from real buyers, useful recommendations or articles.

The correct landing page should consist of:

• quality design structure;

• text that “sells” (there must necessarily be a call for the purchase);

• purchase and registration, the ability to quickly complete an application in one click;

• high-quality content (pictures, video).


Get a quality page that will sell possibly correctly creating and placing all these elements. But, you need to understand that the above points - this is not a panacea, but simply a standard that is worth adhering to. Therefore, if you adhere to all of the above, it does not mean that your landing page will sell a lot.

Each business is individual, has its own audience, an approach to sales, so you should not take as a basis one example that you like and use only it.


Another essential point is that it is important to conduct testing of landing pages, to measure the effectiveness of its work. This can be done with the help of Google Analyst and Yandex-metric. Only through trial and error will you be able to find an approach to your client, find out exactly how you need to present this or that information to him, what to add, change or even remove.

So, we hope, we managed to convey the importance of the landing page and its great importance in future sales, and therefore in the success of your business!