Why does your company need a website?
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Why do you need a website?

Website – is aggregate of web pages, connected with each other by links and located in one domain name.

Why is website needed for each company in modern world? How can website help for development of your business?

We won’t put difficult, intricate phrases. Simply we will show all facts. Exactly we will list main functions of website.


Main functions of website.

Function 1: Providing general information about a company.


On initial stage of creation of web resources, site of company was creating to increase prestige of company. Nowadays providing of full detailed information about work of this organization is the main task for modern website.

Image that each user at any time of day and night at any point of the world can get immediately all necessary information about your company.

•         The field of company activities

•         Services

•         Goods

•         Contact information

•         Directions to get

•         Information about executed work

•         Feedbacks of other customers about you

•         Information about grants, awards

•         Using technologies in producing

•         A form of feedback, to explain the specific, interesting questions for exactly that user.

•         Constantly updated news archive

Scope of information that is showing on the website can be so wide that is enough hard to fit by using a simple source, and a website helps to structure all information. Not without reason more people prefer to get information exactly from internet. All quantity of internet users is more than 350 million at 2006. Now it is much more.


Function 2: Advertising of company services

A website of any company automatically becomes as an instrument of advertising. Everything that is on a website relates to activities of a company – services, goods. All information is provided at such look that allows take attention of concrete users, independently at what point of the world they are.

Everyday in simple mass media it is showing the same videos and advertisement. A website allows to attract purpose audience, that is interested in activities of this organization.

Besides simple presentation of information in text view, internet network gives unique opportunities of advertisement organization as: text links, advertisement banners, organization of mailing list, placing of information at foreign websites.

Statistic shows that real results of building “Virtual alternatives” of companies  in the internet is more felling exactly for small and middle business: quantity of clients are increasing average at 15-20%.

Each day reading of newspaper, listening to a radio, watching TV is less, all of this mass media is replacing by the internet. It is a reason to think, isn't it?


Function 3: Image

Every day in the internet, as in the life, the new ones are born, not living, but electronic representatives. Almost all large companies already have personal websites. Representatives of small and medium businesses are also beginning to realize the need to create their own web-resource. And the point is not only in the implementation of a stylish, vibrant and colorful design of the site, but in pick outing your company from others involved in similar activities. The presence of a site at the company causes not only trust on the part of the user, but also a decrease in competition from other companies that do not have a virtual office, and as a result - an increase in their own authority and image.

Currently, the site can be called a business card of the company.

The presence of a website at the company indicates its openness, solidity, prosperity and modernity.


Function 4: Feedback.

As with any existing system, and any company forms a system of a certain type, each company should provide feedback. Whether it is interaction with potential or current customers, partners, dealers, etc.

During the interaction, both elements of the system (for example, the company and the client) find out all the questions they are interested in, analyze the answers, clarify the information, and exchange information. No other tool besides a web site allows this process of interaction to be carried out so quickly and easily. You will not need to tell the same information and answer such questions every day, spending not only efforts, but also time. After all, this information will already be covered on the site. You can conduct surveys and receive data on any statistics related to your business, to find out the opinions of customers. Using e-mail interaction, you can facilitate the task of searching and sorting certain data, keep a history of correspondence.

 Thus, the implementation of the main principle of regulation of any actions and tasks - feedback - is carried out most simply using the site.

Conclusion: If after the above facts, you still doubt whether the company needs a website, remember that in a modern, rapidly changing world, moving forward even at a short distance requires tremendous effort, and often financial investments. A competitor that has strayed ahead is harder to catch up with over time. Then why, exhausting yourself, you need to lag behind someone, if the leader of the race - without much effort, you can now become.

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